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HMA Missions Visits Kauai

From November 15-20, 2018, HMA Missions visited the Kahili Adventist School along with the Kapa'a and Lawai Valley SDA churches to hold a Vacation Bible School. Each night at Lawai Valley, around 25 young people came out to learn about God's Big Backyard. This theme was created along with all of the evening crafts, sermons, and games by HMA students. God's creation, the parable of the sower, the good Samaritan, Jesus feeding the 5000, and Jesus' sacrifice on the cross were the topics for each night.

In addition to the VBS program in the evening, HMA joined Kahili Adventist School's agricultural program. KAS's students then sell the produce at local farmers' markets in order to raise money for the school. It was amazing to see young people from grades K-8 involved in tilling soil, planting seeds, pulling weeds, etc.

On the other days, HMA spent their time helping with a deep clean of the Lawai Valley church along with a little sight-seeing of the beautiful island of Kauai.

"Children, for their own physical health and moral good, should be taught to work, even if there is no necessity as far as want is concerned. If they would have virtuous characters, they must have the discipline of well-regulated labor, which will bring into exercise all the muscles. The satisfaction children will have in being useful, in denying themselves to help others, will be the most healthful pleasure they ever enjoyed. Why should the wealthy rob themselves and their dear children of this great blessing?" - Ellen White, Christian Education p. 16

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