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PUC Basketball Tournament

From January 22-26, HMA sent its boys' and girls' basketball teams to Pacific Union College, which is located in California's Napa Valley. To our surprise, many of our HMA family came to support: alumni, former teachers, friends, and family members of current students. In true Aloha spirit, our students not only played hard but demonstrated Christian love and character amidst fierce competition. Many spectators from other schools and PUC representatives made numerous compliments regarding HMA's students.

Out of 12 boys and 12 girls' teams, our Knights placed 5th while our Lady Knights placed 3rd. In fact, several of the games can be seen on our Facebook page (click on the Facebook logo at the footer of this webpage). In addition, two of our seniors received All-Tournament recognition: Noah Bryant and Dannica Roberts.

It was a wonderful way to end the basketball season through a time of bonding and the ability to develop life-long memories at HMA. For several of our students, it was one of the few times that they have left the islands of Hawaii. In addition, some experienced eating "fine Italian cooking" at Olive Garden for the first time.

HMA is proud of its student-athletes and we look forward to more tournaments in the future.

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